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My clients are delighted by their Facial Reflexology results. And I am excited too and I couldn’t wait to share them with you!

These three lovely clients gave their permission so I could share these images with you. And I can assure you I didn’t use any filters in the photos. All you see is the simple results of the Bergman reflexology technique and the wonderful Zone FaceLift Elixir.

I am very grateful to these clients for giving me permission to show you how amazing this treatment can be.

Facial Reflexology Results

You can see the Facial Reflexology results for each client. For example, you can see how their features have changed. They are still themselves, but a really relaxed and rejuvenated version of themselves. Not only has the stress dropped away, the fine lines have smoothed and the complexion has brightened.

Each client had three treatments, and we documented the results on a treatment by treatment basis. To their delight, they found that their features softened and became rejuvenated. In addition, they found that the treatment gave them the wonderful relaxation and rebalancing effect of their normal foot reflexology!

Booking an Appointment

I offer hour-long appointments for Facial Reflexology. In a 90 minute appointment, you can combine with foot reflexology for a top-to-toe amazing relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Facial Reflexology is avalable in a series of treatments or a stand alone treatment. For instance, a series of treatments will create a change that will give your confidence a boost. A one-off treatment is great before a big event like a job interview or a wedding. Most important, Facial Reflexology will give you great results on the inside and the outside!

Find out more about this wonderful Facial Reflexolgy treatment here.