funny shocked baby saying Reflexology sounds great but I don´t want anyone touching my feet!

I sometimes hear  people say “I don´t want anyone touching my feet” when I tell them that I am a reflexologist. Of course, everyone has a right to take that decision. But I sometimes wonder if they really mean it! So here are a few reasons why people may not want anyone touching their feet, and why they shouldn’t let it stop them having reflexology. And of course, they can also have a wonderfully relaxing facial reflexology treatment – or a combined face and foot treatment.

I have ugly feet

The chances are very high that you don’t. I’ve seen a lot of feet, and none of them could be described as ugly, no matter what their owners say. So I doubt that yours are any different.
But you see your feet from above all the time, and I am going to see them from below. It is quite a different perspective!

My feet are hot and sweaty

Yes, that happens to us all. And that is why at the start of the reflexology treatment I use a cooling spray to refresh and clean your feet. Whatever state your feet are in, they will be fresh as daisies within a couple of minutes.

I worry that my feet might smell

Feet don’t smell that much, and don’t forget the refresh at the start of the treatment. If your feet really are smelly, the chances are that it is due to an imbalance, and reflexology might help. If it bothers you, we can provide the means for you to wash and dry your feet before we start.

I am too ticklish

Being ticklish can seem like an insurmountable hurdle, but it can be overcome. I have a range of techniques that I use with ticklish clients, and they work. You might experience the discomfort and anticipation of tickles for a few seconds at the start of the session, but it will soon settle down so you can really enjoy your treatment.

I am worried that I won’t like it

I am positive that you will! But if you don’t, just let me know at any time, and I will stop.

I have dry skin, calluses and corns

These are not infectious disorders, and you can still have a reflexology treatment. Reflexologists observe calluses, corns and dry skin as indications of imbalance, and so reflexology may start to help the condition of your feet.

I have athlete’s foot, verruca or other infection

Whilst I can’t treat you while you have a bacterial or fungal infection, these are conditions that usually clear up quickly with the right treatment. Deal with it, and then make an appointment in a week or two.

If you would like to try how wonderfully relaxing and balancing a reflexology treatment is, but you are still worried about your feet, just give me a call. I have seen a lot of feet!