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I have been using a relaxing Lavender Yoga Eye Pillow for my reflexology treatments for a while now. Clients love the extra soothing and pampering feeling that the fragrance and weight provide.

Using an Eye Pillow at home can be really helpful too. It helps to shut out the world for 10 minutes of me-time. It also helps you to drop off quickly if you need a cat-nap. That is why yoga classes often use them at the end of a session too, to aid complete relaxation.

Above all, I want to be sure that the Lavender Yoga Eye Pillows my clients use contain only flaxseeds and lavender, and made of quality natural materials such as comforting cotton and luxurious silk.

That is why I make my own and sell them at my therapy room and by mail order. Each Eye Pillow is unique, using natural recycled vintage fabrics and beautifully finished to ensure a luxurious silky soft feel that is extra gentle on sore and tired eyes. You can see a selection right below this post. 

The Perfect Lavender Yoga Eye Pillow

Bee in lavender field

The perfect Eye Pillow is a unique combination of flaxseed and lavender. The natural filling of flaxseeds and dried lavender blossoms creates a gentle weight and soothing fragrance that eases tense facial muscles and clears your mind to find deep relaxation and restored well-being.

Lavender is a lovely calming and relaxing fragrance. It smells wonderful and scientists think that it aids sleep, relieves anxiety and promotes relaxation.

Flaxseed’s special properties are because of the small size of the seeds combined with their density. They have just the right among of flexibility and weight to provide a perfect amount of acupressure to your eyes.

When frozen, the seeds stay malleable but hold their temperature without becoming too cold. When heated the flaxseeds’ oil content will emit a calming moist hear that’s perfect for treating pains and stresses.

The flaxseeds and lavender are enclosed in a cotton inner bag, and the Lavender Yoga Eye Pillow comes with a gorgeous outer cover. I make these from vintage recycled luxury natural fabrics. So your Pillow will be made of silk, cotton or fine wool – or even a mixture. Because of this, each one is unique.

My soothing and pampering Lavender Yoga Eye Pillow is perfect for relaxation, meditation and rest. Use warm or cold to relax and refresh tired eyes, clear your mind, and improve your sleep.

To use:

Use Any Time

Use the Eye Pillow at any time. Just lie back and place comfortably over your eyes. Let the weight of the flaxseeds settle on your eyes and breathe in the restful aroma of lavender to create an oasis of calm.

Use Warm

First gently warm the Eye Pillow on a radiator. Place it over your eyes to soothe tense facial muscles and encourage blood circulation. This can relieve eyestrain, irritation, headaches, and sinus pressure.

Use Cold

First, place the Eye Pillow in a plastic bag and put in the fridge or freezer for at least 20 minutes for a cool refreshing treat that reduces inflammation and refreshes tired eyes.

Caring for your Eye Pillow


Handwash the cover in warm water with a mild detergent, dry naturally. Do not wash the inner bag.


To maintain the relaxing lavender fragrance of your Eye Pillow, store it in a sealable plastic bag when not in use.


The Eye Pillow is not a toy. Do not give it to a small child or to a pet, and use sensible supervision with an older child. The dried lavender and flaxseeds are safely contained in an inner bag, but it is possible that very rough handling could tear the bag, releasing the small particles. Never put the bag or the contents in the mouth.

A Selection of Lavender Yoga Eye Pillows

4 Thoughts on “Lavender Yoga Eye Pillow – Just Relax….”

  • Hi Michelle love the idea of the eye pillows,how can I order them? Do you use on clients if they wish during treatment ? Also if so do you change the cover after each client? Also I want to order poster too….
    Thank you

    • Hi Ann
      The pillows will be on my shop page in the next seven days – with the up-to-date stock. I will let you know as soon as I have done it. They will be £10 per pillow.

      I offer a pillow to my clients during treatments. Most love the sensation and scent and feel it helps their general relaxation. I always use them in taster sessions where I can’t control the lighting, as it really does help in a noisier environment! The covers are washable by hand. I cover the eye pillow with a soft tissue before handing to the client to ensure hygiene, or they may also purchase one for their sole use. They can leave it with me or bring to each session.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Hi Michelle, that’s great thanks for your reply now…such a wonderful idea ..when I was in NY I had a reflexology treatment, I got a soft small towel to just out over my eyes during treatment..I just found it very relaxing but I did from time to time peep out ?.. so sime clients might like it, and some just like to see watching what you are doing..and that’s ok..
    I hope to order poster and pillow so thanks it’s a lovely idea now..!!!

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