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This cotton face mask is made from two layers of high-quality cotton. These cotton, washable and reusable face masks are eco-friendly, cool and comfortable.  They are easy to carry and wear.

Lightweight, breathable. comfortable, adjustable fit.

It includes:

  • an internal pocket for additional filter layers
  • a removable nose wire
  • soft and comfortable elastic ear loops

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It features:

  • an internal pocket for additional filter layers
  • a removable nose wire
  • soft and comfortable elastic ear loops.

The mask fits snugly over the face, covering the nose and mouth, with “breathing space” at the front.

The nose wire allows you to adjust the top of the mask over the bridge of your nose, so creating a close fit. If you wear spectacles, this adjustment will help stop your lenses from fogging. A separate channel keeps it in place during wear.

This mask has soft elastic ear loops which can be adjusted at the knot to give an individual fit on the face

The internal pocket runs almost the full width of your mask. You can add one or more liners of your choice as an additional filter.

As these masks are hand-made, the exact dimensions will vary. Every effort is made to ensure that the image represents the colour and pattern of the mask, but monitors vary in the colours that they show.

Machine or hand wash mask after use and dry flat. Instructions included.

The cotton face mask is not a medical mask. It provides a minimal physical barrier which may help reduce your own droplet spread and help prevent you from touching your face. The mask does not cure or prevent infection. It may be useful for protection against pollution or pollen or to encourage social distancing. Good hygiene, social distancing and proper disinfection are the most effective ways of protecting yourself and others from infection.

Due to the hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns on face masks. If you have any problems with your order, please contact me to resolve.

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