Relaxing Eye Pillow – Flowered Cotton


Relaxing Eye Pillow filled with flaxseed and lavender.

Hand-made with beautiful vintage upcycled cotton.

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This soothing and pampering Eye Pillow is perfect for relaxation, meditation and rest. Use warm or cold to relax and refresh tired eyes, clear your mind and improve your sleep.

The natural filling of flaxseeds and dried lavender creates a gentle weight and soothing fragrance that eases tense facial muscles to restore deep relaxation and well-being.

The beautiful outer cover is hand-made from lovely crisp vintage upcycled flowered cotton to be soft and breathable against your skin.

This can be removed for handwashing.

The inner bag is made from cotton and is filled with just the right amount of Flaxseed and Lavender to relax your eyes and your mind.

Full use and care instructions are included. The eye pillow comes in a resealable cellophane pouch that ensures that outer cover stays clean between uses, and the wonderful lavender fragrance will last longer.

Click here for more information about how to use your Eye Pillow. 

Additional information

Weight160 g
Dimensions22 × 11 × 3 cm

Front: Brown and Blue Flowered Pattern
Back: Brown and Blue Flowered Pattern


Front: Vintage Upcycled Cotton
Back: Vintage Upcycled Cotton


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