If you have never had reflexology before, you are in for a real treat!


For your first treatment, we do a full consultation together. This covers brief information about influences on your well-being: your family life, your work, your diet and sleep habits, stress levels and your hobbies and relaxation. You are not obliged to answer in great detail, but it gives me a general idea what might be useful to target.

Getting Comfortable

After that, take off your shoes and socks, and get comfortable on the couch. You can lie right back, but most people prefer to be slightly propped up, so we can communicate if necessary, but you are still comfortable and safe if you drop off to sleep. You are covered with a blanket at this point to keep you warm during the treatment.

Starting the Treatment

Once you are comfortable, I refresh your feet with a cooling cleansing spray and dry them.

This is followed by massage cream, and around 10 minutes of relaxing massage of your feet and ankles. During this time, you will be asked at various points to take three deep breaths in and out to further relax your body and mind.

Reflexology Routine

Then I start the reflexology treatment on your left foot, working methodically in rows from your heel to your toes, followed by the same on the right. This gives me the chance to get an overview of your reflex points, which areas are tender or crunchy, and so I can build up an overall perspective before going back over specific areas with more focus. I swap from foot to foot during the treatment, and always keep the inactive foot snugly wrapped in a fluffy towel. This part takes about 35-40 minutes.

During the Treatment

During the treatment you may experience tender or painful areas on your foot as I apply pressure. These may feel like I am pressing on a bruise, or may feel quite sharp, almost as though I am digging my nails in (first of all, I’m not, and secondly, it wouldn’t feel as sharp if I did!).   It is useful to let me know about these, as it tells me that there is a corresponding imbalance in your body, and I can focus on these. I will also get feedback from your feet – where they feel tight or hard, or where there is a feeling like crystals crunching under your skin (you might feel this too).  All of this helps me pinpoint imbalances and lets me know where to focus the treatment.

Even though you may feel tenderness, it doesn’t stop the reflexology treatment being extremely relaxing, and you may want to close your eyes and drift off to sleep or just doze. That is perfectly fine: even if you sleep, you will still get all the benefits of the reflexology treatment.

Ending the Treatment

The treatment ends with a short warm-down massage of your feet and ankles. As you will probably be very relaxed at this point, I will gently ask how you are feeling, and give you a glass of water. We will have a short discussion about your experience of the treatment, and if there are any contra-actions. For instance most people feel a difference in their energy levels after treatment. You may feel more energised, or you may feel relaxed and sleepy. You can see a full list of contra-actions here.


During the consultation and the treatment, I will make notes from time to time. I do this so that I can spot differences in your feet between treatments, and to keep a record of our progress together. This information is kept confidential and secure at all times. I will never discuss anything that comes up during our appointment with anyone else without your express permission. For instance, if there are contra-indications to your having a reflexology treatment, I may ask you if I can to write to your GP to get their go-ahead to treat you.